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SEMA Show 2015 recap — Andy Blackmore Design

SEMA Show 2015 recap

Another successful SEMA Show in the books. My tenth visit to the largest automotive aftermarket show in Vegas, SEMA is a trade only show filled with thousands of competition cars and car builds, and this year, an insane 140,000 people.

SEMA Show 2015 recap - Andy Blackmore Design

I have over 90 images of the show on my Instagram feed, which you can view here.

A quick overview of my cars at SEMA 2015….

SEMA Show 2015 recap - Andy Blackmore Design

I partnered with Daniel Covarrubias aka ‘Killagram‘ on social media and Speedhunters for liveries for his two builds.

For SEMA, Daniel decided he wanted to update this AND create a new build on a Nissan S13 240SX! With time heavily against his side, he managed to pull off the near impossible with two cars at the show.

SEMA Show 2015 recap - Andy Blackmore Design

We kept the cool Scion Teal base paint, normally seen on 1st gen Xb and created a livery using new Speedhunters graphics. In early concepts we looked at White, Graphite and Black graphics. As they were being located together in the vast Toyo Tire area, we thought we would show off one of each to create some added interest.

SEMA Show 2015 recap - Andy Blackmore Design

The latest Speedhunters graphics includes angle elements, so I also used this on the hoods which provides a more resolved treatment on a carbon hood, with the leading edge painted on the Scion.

SEMA Show 2015 recap - Andy Blackmore Design

One of the challenges of these builds are the vast number of brands to include, so these have also been angled so they become part of the graphic.

SEMA Show 2015 recap - Andy Blackmore Design

Elsewhere, I had a couple of Formula Drift liveries on show. Dean Kearney’s Dodge Viper was on the Oracle Lighting booth,

SEMA Show 2015 recap - Andy Blackmore Design

SEMA Show 2015 recap - Andy Blackmore Design

while the Tyler McQuarrie Racing Nissan 350Z of Pat Mordaunt was the centre piece of the Koenig Wheel booth.

SEMA Show 2015 recap - Andy Blackmore Design

The Mustang RTR-X, a build I designed in 2017 with Vaughn Gittin Jr made a welcome return to SEMA. This was such a cool project to work on.

SEMA Show 2015 recap - Andy Blackmore Design

The Ford Performance Racing School also had a number of their latest school cars on show. This livery was based on the traditional Shelby style stripes with a few tweaks and roundel panel.

SEMA Show 2015 recap - Andy Blackmore Design

Last year, I worked on a new motorsport identity for Maxxis Tires and three vehicles carried this new livery. These off road racers show the ‘full’ livery treatment with an all orange base,

SEMA Show 2015 recap - Andy Blackmore Design

….while the Honda Fit rally car shows off the secondary level where white is retained on the upper section for other sponsors.

SEMA Show 2015 recap - Andy Blackmore Design

The original BMW F30 was also on show.

SEMA Show 2015 recap - Andy Blackmore Design
SEMA Show 2015 recap - Andy Blackmore Design

Finally, down the road from SEMA on the Las Vegas Strip, Red Bull Global RallyCross had their 2015 final event with Subaru Rally Team USA running two of my STi Liveries.

SEMA Show 2015 recap - Andy Blackmore Design

A very successful SEMA show and with my final livery of the year, the Colin McRae tribute livery running on this week’s Wales Rally GB, I am now focused 100% on 2016 and beyond!

SEMA Show 2015 recap - Andy Blackmore Design

‘Andy Blackmore Design’ offers a full range of Creative Services for the Automotive and Motorsport Industry, with a range of exciting Livery design, Aftermarket and Racecar Vehicle Styling and builds, Team Identity, Clothing, Marketing aids, Sponsorship documents and Hero Cards.

I also produce a successful range of Motorsport Spotter Guides which fans and teams can download as a resource at a race track or from home.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via the Contact page for further information

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